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Join a Fitness Class!

At The Works we like to offer as much as we can to our members, with a membership you have access to many different classes across the week. So no matter what your goal is, we have the tools you need to succeed!


West Memphis Location:
Tuesday / 5:30Pm
Wednesday / 5:30pm
Thursday / 5:30Pm
Saturday / 10:00Am

Cardio Fusion

Marion Location:
Monday / 6:15Pm
Tuesday / 6:15Pm
Wednesday / 6:15Pm
Thursday / 6:15Pm


West Memphis Location:
Tuesday / 4:15Pm / 6:15Pm
Thursday / 4:15Pm / 6:15Pm
Saturday / 8:45Am

Butts and Guts

West Memphis Location:
Monday / 5:15Pm
Wednesday / 4:15Pm
Friday / 4:30Pm

Body Sculping

West Memphis Location:
Monday / 8:00Am / 6:15Pm
Tuesday / 5:00Am
Wednesday / 8:00Am / 6:15Pm
Thursday / 5:00Am
Friday / 8:00Am / 6:15Pm


Marion Location:
Monday / 5:15Pm
Thursday / 5:15Pm

Silver Sneakers

Marion Location:
Tuesday / 9:00Am
Thursday / 9:00Am

Classes: Our Classes
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